Thursday, November 22, 2007

Thanksgiving in Kansas City & Misc Real Estate Thoughts

It's a holiday weekend and so I really don't feel like getting into the nitty-gritty of real estate investing here in Kansas City. However, I do want to bring you these tidbits, real estate related and other wise. And don't forget. Tonight is the night they turn on the Plaza lights. Simply no more romantic place on Earth than the Country Club Plaza at Christmas.

NOTE: I "borrowed" the photo from KC Plaza Flights. Take a look and take a trip that you will never forget.


I posted this over at my ActiveRain blog since Google seems to pick it up quicker. The link will take you to a fourplex for sale in Belton that will make Coasters (as Lani call them) wet themselves. That's right, a Kansas City area investment property that costs around $155,000 and makes about $1,600 in gross monthly rents and it's in a neighborhood I think is on the grow. Eat your heart out Los Angeles.

Like Jay Thompson over at The Phoenix Real Estate Guy I too am proud that my 15 year old son just got his first "real" job. He's raked leaves, mowed lawns and the like but wanted desperately to get out into the job world. He's going to be working for Chick-fil-A, a good Christian company that's closed on Sundays. (Can you believe it?)


Two days ago I was showing an apartment in Olathe to a real estate investor and it was 78 degrees. I had my windows rolled down and a golf shirt on. Yesterday, it snowed! Not much. But it snowed! How fast everything can change.


The Kansas Jayhawks are in for quite a weekend. First, on Saturday, is the Border War with Missouri that has been aptly renamed Armageddon at Arrowhead. Again, if you are not from this region you probably cannot understand the animosity that exists between the two schools. It's gonna be something. Go Jayhawk football!

Then on Sunday evening our Jayhawk basketball team takes on Arizona over at Allen Fieldhouse. Basketball is woven into the very fabric of Kansas culture. So anytime you play a game against such a quality opponent you take notice.

Here's hoping MY Kansas Jayhawks go 2-0 for the weekend!


Real estate investing doesn't have to be rocket science. I've received several phone calls over the last couple of weeks from people saying they are confused and don't know which direction to turn.

My advice is to not spend thousands and thousands of dollars on guru knowledge. Just read this blog, Christopher Smith's Equity Scout blog and Jeff Brown's blog. You'll get better advice and it's free. There are a few others I could mention, as well.

Happy Thanksgiving. Happy investing.


Raj said...

I agree "my advice is to not spend thousands and thousands of dollars on guru knowledge." There is much of knowledge available on the internet and that too free. So the best way to give yourself property education is to read the free available material on the Internet rather then to pay big sums to some real estate guru.

Anonymous said...

There is no such thing of a "free lunch", but you can definitely find some helpful info online.
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