Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Rich Dad Poor Dad in Kansas City

While reading today's Kansas City Star I noticed in the Local section an advertisement that Rich Dad Poor Dad Education was going to be putting on three days worth of seminars right here in the Kansas City area.

While I find the book to have some great principals and mildly entertaining I couldn't help but think of Christopher Smith's thoughts on the book. Well, actually. I think along those same lines.

If you choose not to follow the link here is a bit of Christopher's post:

In reality, real estate investing isn’t fluff. And it’s not rocket science or mysterious. It’s a practical, hands-on form of investing and a proven way to diversify your returns and build wealth. It’s not particularly sexy to talk about discipline, managing risk, building credit, evaluating properties, managing tenants and negotiating with contractors – but that’s what real estate investing is all about.

Think twice before buying the whole program hook, line and sinker.

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Anonymous said...

Hey, when is this seminar?! I would really like to know the details so I can go!!