Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Kansas City Foreclosures: Right In The Middle

Living in Kansas City means growing up with a chip on your shoulder. We aren't New York. We aren't Los Angeles. Heck, we aren't even Dallas, Atlanta or Denver.

No, we're right in the middle...of everything.

We're in the middle of the country geographically. Housing prices hover around the national median. Sales of units...middle of the pack. Check out the rates of growth here during a real estate boom and you'll find we're right about the middle.

But also, during the foreclosure crisis facing much of the country where will you find the Kansas City housing market? Number 54 out of a 100. (The linked table comes from

I've said 1,000 times and here it comes again. Do you want your real estate investments in a safe harbor? Nothing fancy. Just predictable growth? Think about the Kansas City area.

Give me a call.

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